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The War Between Us

Julia Ibbini


Unique hand painted pigment print with Swarovski Crystals

31.5 x 32.75 in

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Inkblot (Liliaceae)

Freya Prowe


Sumi ink on Arches Cover

104 x 50 in.

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Inkblot (Oceans Deep)

Freya Prowe


Sumi ink on Arches Cover

45 x 190 in.

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Kristina Estell


stones, silicone rubber, shelves

96 x 43 x 10 in.

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Free Radicals

YK Hong


leather, dye, adhesive, metal, gomme, wax, nylon

40  x  90  x  5 in. variable



The suspended leather and metal clusters from Metonymy are not unlike the communities we form; they are gatherings connected to each other yet also distinctly separate in their own agencies. At times we follow social patterns and regulation, and yet also manage to assert our uniqueness. It is a political act to exist as part of a social structure as a collective people as well as through our struggles to find independence. Each piece in Metonymy is made up of a series of leather constructions, which are also able to be worn on the body. When dissected and exploded, there are "outfits" that represent distinct identities and personalities. There is humanity within our separateness and independence, even if at first we may seem to merely be part of the mass of humanity. Leather evokes ideas of taboo, class, sex, sexuality in addition to an extreme range of emotions and reactions. People have a simultaneous fear and affinity toward leather and the attachments created around it. Communities have been ostracized because of it, while others have been given exclusive social status. It intimates the notion of armored protection, a sense of a living form, and mythical legends. It touches upon people’s unspoken conditioning around class, race, sexuality and gender. It is rebellion. Metonymy expresses our desires and trepidation around society’s biases and prejudices, around the passion to be an individual and a part of a collective identity. We are sums of our parts, as individuals and social beings. As clusters. Thus, our desire to be unique and a part of a whole are reconcilable, and can and do produce beauty in everything around us.

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