Fran Coca & Freya Prowe

Local Artist Gallery:  Angel Settell

September 5 - 28, 2014

Aqueous, featuring work by Fran Coca (Salamanca, Spain) and Freya Prowe (Berkeley, CA, US) will run September 5th-28th, with an opening reception on the First Friday Artwalk September 5th 6-10pm at Darger HQ.  Concurrently, Angel Settell’s recent watercolors will be exhibited in the Local Artist Gallery.   Fran Coca, Freya Prowe and Angel Settell all reference liquid or fluidity in their work.  Coca’s digitally created work has the illusion of being oil paintings with lush brush strokes, Prowe uses Sumi ink in her Rorschach-inspired paintings and Settell’s small portraits are watercolor. 

Spanish artist Francisco José Coca Gallego’s (Fran Coca) work is a research project on new technologies applied to the image.  Inspired by David Hockney’s recent digital paintings, Coca creates illusory paintings by utilizing specific paint IOS (ArtRage, Layers and Artstudio).  Once printed, the digital file is deleted, keeping the work unique and original.  Fran Coca received his BA at the University of Salamanca.  He has had solo exhibitions at Simulations íes Vasco de la Zarza Avila, Galeria Punto Raya, Galeria La Casa del Siglo XV, Segovia, Galleria Alhadros, Ibiza, CB Art23 Gallery and Palace garci-big box Duero.  Coca's work can be found in the collections at the Contemporary Art Certro DA2 in Salamanca, the City of Salamanca and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid.   

An American artist that spent much of her childhood in Germany, Freya Prowe's work reflects the European fairy tales that informed her early imaginary world.  Prowe states, “I was raised on a rich diet of German fairy tales or Mårchen.  These stories have informed much of my artwork in the past, and I credit the shadowy and fantastical content with some of the darkness in my own work.  Several motifs are central to my work involving Mårchen, including adventures in the dark forest, children, flora and fauna.  These motifs are omnipresent in Mårchen, and provide the characters and context in which the drama unfolds."  Prowe’s recent work employs the specific properties of Sumi ink.  She begins with works on paper works on paper with an inkblot, created by a splot of ink applied to one side of the paper, and then gently folding it over to create the symmetrical ink blot made famous by Rorschach, the Swiss Freudian Psychoanalyst.  From this point of departure her artistic narrative unfolds. The images are both fragile and horrific, seductive and deformed, and playful and violent.  By utilizing the contrast of the flow of ink and paint with strong lines and repeated patterns, the work addresses the conflict and tension inherent in the beauty and repulsion of the human condition.  Prowe received her degree in Fine Arts from Pitzer College in 1994.  In addition to painting and drawing, Prowe has studied textile design in Java, Indonesia and Zurich, Switzerland.  She has shown extensively in California and much of her past work currently resides in private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

Lincoln artist Angel Settell will exhibit her latest series of small watercolors in the Local Artist Gallery.  Settell creates realistic expressive work based on personal imagery in her everyday life.  She also uses everyday mediums mixed in her watercolors such as red wine and tea.