Camille Hawbaker

Omaha, NE, US

Words are living, growing, and evolving concepts in the topography of human communication. Words construct my perception of the world: brimming with meaning, sometimes they are placed in the wrong context, and sometimes they are so overused that they lose their original connotation. Over time, perception erodes personal language and its insufficiencies are revealed. I write to convey desires, observations, and emotions in personal journals. Yet, as my perception evolves, I sense that the words I write do not express my actual thoughts: they can only become fragments of what I wish to communicate. To express this totality that escapes representation, I use processes of drawing, writing with flammable liquid, burning, printing, and sewing to construct a tactile vocabulary with natural forms and decorative motifs. I create, destroy, and reconstruct to echo the act of journaling without the baggage of existing imperfect language.