catch and take hold 

Jennifer Bockelman + Roswitha Weingrill

February 10 - April 9, 2017 

catch and take hold is a two-person exhibition of work examines the human quest to capture the ephemeral, through photography, video, installation and performance.  Bockelman will be exhibiting a photography audio installation, referred to as “sound portraits.” The work is a study of superposition and the reaction of the body being documented.  Roswitha Weingrill will be exhibiting her new series of photographic prints that are magnifications of the reflection of light in people’s eyes. The tiny reflective points appear to be colored instead of white only when highly augmented. Weingril sees “this as a visualization strategy to ask how close you need to be to someone to see something”.

 Located in Seward Nebraska, Jennifer Bockelman addresses themes of power and cultural identity as filtered through language. She is interested in accidental juxtapositions, and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Simultaneously sincere and snarky, she is helpful yet unconstructive.  Bockelman’s practice includes stitched works, drawings, impotent political gestures, and performances.  Bockelman received her MFA from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

 Based in Vienna, Austria, Roswitha Weingrill is currently completing her PhD at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.  Weingrill’s projects include multi-media pieces, film, interventions in public space and research based work.  Breaking down big global topics into small specific issues has been a crucial strategy for many of Weingrill’s recent projects.