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Public Access Reading Room
Opening: November 9th, 6-9pm
Reading room dates: november 9th - december 14th 

Public Access is opening its doors to create space for critical discussion and debate. Artists, curators, and critics from all over the country were asked to submit a piece of writing, no matter how large or small, that describes the current state of their work, documents a turning point in their practice, or illustrates a particularly high / low point.

Each of these submissions will be available, alongside other printed materials, at Public Access in November and December, in our Reading Room. Collectively, they become an outward manifestation of our preoccupations, anxieties, and how we work through. Visitors are encouraged to read, discuss, and spend time to mark our new beginning. After the show, submissions will will become part of our permanent reference library.

Submissions from:

  • Aay Preston Myint

  • Adrian Duran

  • Alex Priest

  • Alexis Christine Maine

  • Amanda Mayo

  • Andrea Zittel

  • Anne Dovali

  • Angie Seykora

  • Angus McCullough

  • Becca Albee

  • Caitlin Arnold

  • Camille Hawbaker

  • Charlie Vinz

  • Corson Androski

  • Dan Crane

  • Dan McCarthy

  • Daniel Tucker

  • David Brooks

  • Deborah Murphy

  • Ella Weber

  • Erin Foley

  • Esau Betancourt

  • Jim Finn

  • Joel W. Fisher

  • Kat Fackler

  • Lori Waxman

  • Mary Mattingly

  • Matteah Baim

  • Min Song

  • Paige Reitz

  • Paul Hanson Clark

  • Peter Fankhauser

  • Rebecca Grady

  • Risa Puleo

  • Ryan Garrett

  • Sam Axelrod

  • Sarah Hummel Jones

  • Selina Trepp

  • Taraneh Fazeli

  • Teal Gardener

  • Tyler Coburn

  • Zora Murff