Eidetic, A Group Photography Exhibition

February 6-28, 2015

Darger HQ proudly presents Eidetic, a group photography exhibition featuring work by:  Alaina Hickman (Omaha), Craig Roper (Lincoln), Daniel Coburn (Kansas City), Jean-Francois Leboeuf (Montreal), Kerry Kolenut (Franklin Lakes, NJ), Kim Steele (San Francisco) , Larry Gawel (Lincoln), Michael Farrell (Lincoln), Maja Radanović (Toronto), Raws (Lincoln), Roger Bruhn (Lincoln), Sheila Talbitzer (Omaha), Taura Horn (Lincoln), TripleScorpio (New York City)

Eidetic memory, or photographic memory, is the ability to recall images in great detail.   It is found in two to ten percent in early childhood and usually fades after age six.  All of the work in the exhibition reference memory in one way or another, whether it be the sociological concept of collective memory, external memory, explicit or implicit memory.