Elizabeth Kauffman

Salisbury, MD, US


My work explores the strange phenomena and phenomenology of everyday life. Through objects, installations, and performances I seek to unpack the uncanny experiences of the day-to-day, especially as they relate to and are affected by the social. As primary as the first-person perspective is, we all seek to validate our experiences with others. It is this interaction between what I know to be true and what you know to be true that I find so interesting, especially when those two truths are at odds. This interaction hinges on language and therefore text plays an important role in my work. Each project or series begins with a very specific conceptual framework and none of the elements of the work—be they style, form, materials, or processes—are taken for granted. This open approach mirrors the openness I strive to maintain in my daily life. True societal transformation must begin at the individual level, and this is why my creative intentions begin there.

--Elizabeth Kauffman, 2012