Drawings for Donald

by Anthony Hawley

March 22, 2017


"Like many of us, I've been thinking a lot about what forms of action and engagement to take. The day before Trump was sworn in I'd settled on at least one project called "Drawings for Donald"--a drawing a day for the next 365 days "for" Donald Trump. Each is a text-based drawing that starts with "dear donald." I was a poet before I was a visual artist--and these are sort of the sum of the two. The format of them is in part inspired by William Pope L.'s drawings in "Black People are Cropped." And they're sort of my Nixon drawings in a way. 

At first, I'd thought to mail each one of these every day to Trump, knowing they'd be lost but being somewhat interested in that action. After realizing that they'd ultimately go to waste (the best outcome maybe being that I'd get put on some kind of list), I thought to sell them online and send half the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. But as these days get stranger and stranger, I want them to be disseminated into as many hands as possible. Then as the year progresses I want to exhibit them on 1) July 20, 6 months after Trump's inauguration and 1 day before I turn 40 and 2) then again in January 2018 once the cycle is complete." 

My intention is that they're humorous, pointed and have a "poetic" intrigue. As I said in a recent statement in Hyperallergic, I think one of the best things art can do now is spook us out of this existence. I want these to haunt Donald.  And haunt us all into another place.