A paper map never told the story so well

by Matteah Baim

July 23, 2017


A paper map never told the story so well: the drive across Nebraska. It’s a drive through, for most, with transience backlit by blue sky and seas of green, if you’re lucky. It’s on a rare stage you see weather systems, the sun, and the clouds playing unobstructed. A cacophony of color can’t unmute the silence crisscross expanses. 


In traversing Nebraska, left to right and right to left many times on tour, I have seen these great shows. Fluffy white, dark green, bright blue, deep brown, pale pink, blaring yellow-they can all make an appearance. A point of connection dotted with goldenrod, people and thoughts leave as quickly as they come. Here are 80 images from I-80, captured details from the thousands of pictures lingering online.