Leigh Tarentino

Providence, RI, US


My work is a re-configuration of the built landscape, seeking a present-day perspective on landscape painting traditions. The notion of the sublime as it existed historically in landscape painting and photographic traditions is an important but ambivalent touchstone. I work across mediums, making paintings, works on paper, photo-based prints, and installations. My own photographic images and place memories are the source of the imagery. I work on several distinct but related projects simultaneously over a number of years.

Memory of Snow Series, 2011-Present

This is a series of small, mostly black and white paintings on wood panel. The paintings depict familiar, archetypal suburban spaces, but in a sinister otherworldly light. They are remote, dark, snowy winter nighttime scenes lit by artificial light or moonlight. The houses and gardens are seen from the familiar perspective of a pedestrian. The series is titled Memory of Snow to evoke the magical way that snow can transform a familiar environment, but beyond nostalgia, to perhaps suggest a sci-fi future vision of a world where snow is rare. Fairytales, science fiction, computer games, literature, history, art and movies, among many other things, can be portals to immersive imaginary worlds. These are all fascinations of mine and they fundamentally influence my individual creative vision. I am committed to the two-dimensional and pictorial, as essential elements in my work for creating alluring imaginary spaces.