Maja Radanović

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I use art to turn reality and social issues into fantastical narratives and wishes into naive possibilities. Intrigued by different social values, historical heritage and stereotypes, I enjoy researching and then creating work that responds to various local and global issues.

In the photographic series, “Dream Land,” I examine my personal situation as a recent immigrant and the myth of the foreign country as an escape - a place where dreams come true.  In this series, I put myself into site-specific, real life scenes combined withsurreal elements so as to emphasize the illusory aspects of the “promise of a better life” myth.

The series of sculptures, “Feminine Fetish,” is about desire, to possess and consume, to touch and be touched. It seduces the observer with its tactile three-dimensional objects that emerge out of the frames, offering themselves as materialized desires.