Roswitha Weingrill

Vienna, Austria 

While I see my artistic foundation in drawing many of my projects include multi-media pieces, film, interventions in public space and research based work. Usually starting with research to follow a conceptual approach my work touches various overlapping themes, strategies and categories.For a recent project I've used various pH test strips to create colorful patterns instead of drawing them on paper. In this way, I was able to create specific colored codes of municipal wells in public spaces. 

Breaking down big global topics into small specific issues has been a crucial strategy for many of my recent projects. In this way I use art as a tool to understand often complex systems and relations between people and the reality they live in. Another recent project involved mineral mining ladies from a secluded Austrian hilltop, whose professional and consequently personal lives have been strongly influenced by several multinational cooperations. 

When I'm not working on a specific project I'm writing on my PhD thesis about the representation of artists in main stream media production. I've also become very interested in working with textiles and their attribution as female work from a feminist side of view. So far my theoretical work has been rather separated from my art practice and I'm looking forward to combining both approaches in future projects.