Make. Believe.


Make. Believe.


YK Hong


wood and paint   

10 x 10 x 1 in.     

DoJang Series

In Korea, the DoJang (red signature seal), which Koreans use to sign their work, is a vital possession of every Korean, as it is the equivalent to a signature and is used on legal documents or to sign artwork.

YK’s DoJang series is a group of woodwork consisting of an ever-growing number of tablets arranged in groups.  Each tablet is a magnified Korean signature seal.  She has produced over 150 of these tablets and has been exhibiting them in different configurations.  They combine traditional woodcarving with modern printmaking techniques.

The themes range from mindfulness, inspiration, culture, race and identity and the pieces though at times exhibited individually, express their most powerful impact in conjunction with their counterparts.

The viewer can bear witness to each piece of wood that was chipped away.  Instead of exhibiting a print of the woodblock carving, she is displaying the wood itself, carved in non-reverse, to draw attention to the wood as process and end product simultaneously.  The effect is transfixing, and hypnotizing, using patterns, repetition and typography to elicit strong responses from the viewer.

The end result is a powerful visual presentation of messages that draws in the viewer, both through the detail of the technique and the literal message.

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